Beauty Review: Huda Beauty Rose Gold Eye Shadow Palette

The Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Eye Shadow palette. This eye shadow palette has been one of the most widely talked about; hyped up products I’ve seen in a while. I started getting into makeup about four or five years ago, simply for the fun and art of it all. I’ve come across a lot of brands and products over the course of those years. However, I have always been the type to do extensive research on a product to see if I should actually spend money on it. I’m very careful when I spend money on makeup, and make sure I buy products that truly work for me.

Although I don’t wear it on a daily basis, I love eye shadow. I’m very picky when it comes to all makeup, but eye shadow especially. It just has to feel right for me. When I saw that Huda Kattan (aka Huda Beauty) was coming out with a sick looking eye palette, I freaked out. I’ve followed Huda Beauty on Instagram for so long now, and am a huge fan of her liquid lipsticks. It is also always nice to see an Arab-American Muslim woman striving.

Anyways, let’s get into whether or not this palette is approved by me! So, this eye palette comes with eighteen shades – seven of which are a unique foiled/metallic texture. There is one shimmery shade, and the rest of the shadows are beautiful mattes. Many people have given this palette negative reviews because of the difficulty in working with these seven-foiled shadows. It’s extremely important to note that it has been stressed that these unique shades should be applied by using your finger for optimal color and texture pay-off. Because of the horrible reviews I initially read, I was very skeptical upon first trying this product out. I was pleasantly surprised as soon as I applied the shadows onto my eyelid. The matte shades are smooth and blend beautifully and in my experience, the foiled shadows are so fun and not at all difficult for me to work with. You just have to be open to different application methods and personally, I like applying these types of textured shadows with my finger anyway (it gives the most saturated pay off for sure). I use my fingers when I use ColourPop’s Super Shock Eye Shadows as well and I would not have it any other way.

FullSizeRender (18)

In terms of packaging, I love the outer packaging artwork. It’s Huda Beauty’s signature eye look image that is also used on her well-known eyelashes. This palette doesn’t have a mirror attached on the inside, and that doesn’t really bother me personally because I rarely ever use these mirrors to apply my makeup, but I guess it would be nice to have it there just in case. In addition to the packaging, I love the names of each shadow in this palette. I just get excited to see names like ‘Henna’ being used for an eye shadow color – representation in any form is always cool. I also want to add, this palette is pretty much made for desi functions because of its beautiful colors and textures! I would list out my top shades, but I literally love every single one!

I can understand why people have a good amount of criticism for this palette, as the price point is pretty high even compared to some of the most Holy Grail high-end eye shadow palettes on the market. Do I think the pricing could be a little better? Absolutely. I am not about the insane consumerism of the beauty industry, which is why I pick my beauty battles very carefully At the end of the day, it is up to you how you want to spend your money and treat yo’ self.

In my (very strict) book, the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Eye Shadow palette gets a thumbs up!

What are some of your favorite eye shadow palettes? Have you tried this palette yet? What are your thoughts?

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