Reflections: Benefits of Salah

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the simplest reasoning behind certain situations. More often than not, we easily forget the universal truth that everything Allah (SWT) has sent down to us, is not by coincidence, but by an ultimate knowledge that only He possesses.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to our religion. Both externally and within our own community. We inevitably suffer from a lack of knowledge. What’s one of the main pillars of Islam that exists within our daily lifestyles that we tend to forget the true meaning behind? Salah. Our five mandatory daily prayers. Allah (SWT) has specifically carved out a method of direct worship to Him. Is that really all there is to it, though? Just worshipping God in a different way? Just fulfilling the second pillar of Islam without reasoning? Not at all.

“Know that among your duties, prayer is foremost.” – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Allah (SWT) knows us. I mean, hello, He created us. He knows us better than we will ever know ourselves. He created us with an innate longing and need for Him. Praying five times a day isn’t just something we’re supposed to do. It’s something we need and have to do. When we’re growing up, a lot of times we’re taught that we have to do x, y, z “for Allah,” and to “please Allah,” while this may kind of be true, Allah (SWT) doesn’t need us. We need Him. So, He has blessed us with an opportunity to connect with Him in a way that benefits us in a way that no other act of worship can equate to. The five daily prayers not only act as a guidance to keep our spirituality on lock, but I’ve even noticed the personal mental and physical effects of it. Each position holds significance and isn’t just a random assortment of movements. We ultimately gain so much from Salah (prayer). Everyone is different when it comes to benefiting from these effects in a mental and spiritual way, however it is scientifically proven that the make-up and positioning of Salah, relieves tensions both in the muscles and in the mind. When we prostrate in sujood, and really stay in that moment, the feeling is absolutely unexplainable and comforting. Salah is not just another thing to check off on our “to-do” lists. It is a vital part of our life and relationship with Allah (SWT).

“There is cure in Salah.”

The benefits are never ending, from the increase in blood flow through the movements of Salah to the calming and meditating property of focusing on your words as you’re praying. It’s beneficial to your mind, body, and soul.

The movements in Salah are almost considered to be like Yoga; the motions that you go through encourage blood flow throughout your body. Regular exercise of this type lowers cholesterol, lowers risk of heart failure, and arthritis.  The time that you take out for Allah (SWT) in your day is a time where your connection with God is the strongest because it’s just Him and you. You forget about all of your worldly problems for that time and just connect with Allah (SWT). It’s almost a form of meditation and gives you a chance to catch your breath in this crazy dunya.

Not only are there benefits in this world but in the hereafter as well. The Prophet (PBUH) said “Allah (SWT) wipes away the sins by them [five daily prayers].” Prayer purifies the heart and helps Muslims attain a level of spiritual devotion. There is a constant remembrance of God and keeps them away from bad deeds and pushes them in the direction of practicing good deeds for Allah (SWT).

Salah is a beautiful and amazing thing Allah (SWT) has given Muslims that has endless benefits and gives us five chances a day to repent and start over.


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