Somalia’s Famine Crisis: How We Can Help

Over 20 million people in Somalia and surrounding regions are suffering from starvation. The United Nations has officially declared this to be the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II. People, especially women and children, are facing severe famine due to an unprecedented drought ravaging the region. Living in the West, where food is never really as scarce, we have the privilege and ability to help others. It truly is up to us whether we take action or not.

During catastrophes like this, there are many people with honest efforts and intentions to help those in need. However, often times everything can seem a little too chaotic and it can lead to us not knowing who to donate to. If you’d like to help, but don’t know where to go, we urge you to donate to reputable organizations. It’s best to go to the source itself and research groups that are run by Somalis with volunteers in Somalia, or have been transparent in their efforts of relief. It’s important to understand that cash based donations are highly beneficial as 40% of Somalis and those living in surrounding regions have severe food shortages or worse due to the immense drought conditions. By donating money directly to those who are on location, you are not only going to help save lives of people, but also help secure their livestock. Livestock is extremely important because many rural areas in Somalia rely on it as their main source of livelihood. Without protecting their animals, it can intensify the situation further and cut off the means for families to provide for themselves. If you cannot help the cause financially, then please at least refrain from reposting any pictures of suffering people. We do not need to see starving, dying people in order to have empathy for people. It truly is times like these that force us to reflect on our own lives and where we stand in these situations of humanity.

If you have the means to donate even just a few dollars, please do so. It may sound cliché, but every donation truly does make a difference. If you’re looking to find some reliable organizations who are transparent and true to their word, here are a few good ones:

1- Adeso!/donation/checkout

2- Caawiwalaal 

3- SomaliFaces (their campaign has currently passed their goal) ‪

Also, please remember these brothers and sisters in your duas. This is equally as important. Remember the Ummah in your prayers. May Allah (SWT) relieve all those who are suffering and guide us all to the straight path.

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