Reflections: Ways To Earn Barakah

What is barakah and why should we try our best in attaining it? In its simplest definition, barakah can be described as a bountiful, divine blessing from Allah (SWT). This world is fleeting, but what we do in this life will have a positive impact both here and in the akhirah (afterlife). Everyone wants their good deeds to outweigh their bad ones, so it is wise to do as much good as you can to earn barakah in this life. There are many ways to earn barakah for eternity!

Gift someone a Quran


Every time they read from it, you reap the rewards as well.

Teach someone a verse from the Quran


They might eventually pass that knowledge on and you will earn the rewards for every person who benefits from it.

Donate useful things to the masjid


You can donate abayas, scarves, skirts, etc. that you don’t use anymore. Donate Qurans, Quran holders, Islamic books, tasbeehs, etc. that people can use to further their Islamic knowledge and path.

Spread beneficial Islamic knowledge


When you learn about Islam you can implement that knowledge into your lifestyle and inevitably share what you’ve learned and help other people along the way.

Put in a water pump


There are many charities that you can donate to and they will put in a water pump/water well in your name. You will earn barakah every time someone uses it. Pious Projects of America is a charity that is currently working on projects like this.

Help build a masjid


Donate your time or money to a masjid that is in the process of being built. You can find GoFundMe pages for many new masjid projects!

Sadaqah/Giving to charity


Whatever you have, try your best to sincerely give to and help someone in financial need.

Feed those in need


Whether it’s a homeless person, a shelter, your neighbor, or even an animal do your best to give food to others.

Volunteer at a masjid


Whether it’s maintenance, administrative, organizational, or educational, try to make volunteering in the masjid an active part of your life.

Respect elders


Always be patient with those older than you. Respect them and lend them your time with a sincere, gentle attitude.

Be mindful of the great value and importance of barakah. Sometimes it feels so easy to get consumed within this dunya (worldly life). Do not let it distract you from trying your best to do good while you are here and remembering the deeds and characteristics that Allah (SWT) loves and blesses. If you have any other great tips for increasing your barakah, comment them down below!

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