Reflections: Weak Iman

Iman (faith) is the best thing a person can have. Iman is beautiful, comforting, peaceful, but often times it can become weak within us. When a person has high iman, they feel a connection with Allah (SWT), and everything in this life makes sense in all of its senselessness. Your spirit is lifted and although you may be going through hardships, you feel yourself being at peace because of your strong connection to Allah (SWT). However, one of the many messages that Allah (SWT) conveys to us in the Quran and by the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), is that the state of our iman is ever-changing. Generally speaking, our iman is very fragile. There are some exceptions (Mash’Allah on them) who have somewhat mastered the art of maintaining a relatively high iman (May Allah make us amongst those souls).For most of us though, we feel the roller coaster of iman.

Some weeks it feels as if we are so strong in our spirituality, but other weeks we find it difficult to even perform our five daily salah (prayers). One of the main contributors to weakening our iman and connection with Islam is becoming too affected by this life and the dunya (worldly matters). Allah (SWT) has told us through the Quran that mankind was created weak, and we need to constantly be turning to Him for guidance and understanding. Most of the times we don’t even realize how much this dunya is affecting us to the point where our heart hardens because of it. Sometimes we even get to the point where we feel as though there’s no point in turning back to Allah (SWT). In these moments, we must remember that that is the shaytaan whispering right in your heart. Although you may feel weak, lost, or maybe even undeserving of Allah (SWT)’s Love, Mercy, and Guidance, you have to keep pushing yourself through the many distractions of the dunya. One of the main strategies that often times helps people get through their days of feeling weak in iman is seeking out knowledge of our deen. Allah (SWT) has made Islam so bountiful and abundant in information for us that there is always something new to learn. Even if you really don’t feel like it, drop everything and open up the Quran. Make an effort to find and connect with Allah (SWT) in a new way. Even if you are inconsistent with it, at least you are trying, at least there is still iman in your heart.

Allah (SWT) says: “Take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards me, I will run towards you.” [Hadith Qudsi]

Even when your iman feels like it is at its lowest point, remember that Allah (SWT) is still there and he’s waiting for you to make an effort. It takes time to build this relationship and it takes effort to pray regularly. But this is what will bring you tranquility and ease in your life. We get lost in our daily routines and worldly problems that we forget the most important thing of all; our iman. But Allah (SWT) has said over and over again that if you are making an effort He will make it easier for you. If you have sinned but repented with a pure heart, He will forgive you.

Sometimes I think we forget that we have nothing if we do not have Allah (SWT). All of the blessings that we have are from Him yet we tend to be ungrateful for His mercy and blessings. Do not let this dunya consume you so much that we forget Him. Make an active effort to pray your salah on time as soon as you hear the adhan, make dua every night and say Alhamdulillah for your blessings and hardships alike because they are both from Allah (SWT) and He has a better plan for you.

May Allah (SWT) make it easy for all of us, and may we all be blessed with strong iman. Ameen.

2 thoughts on “Reflections: Weak Iman

  1. This helped me a lot. Beautifully written and I can relate to it..sometimes it does feel like imaan weakens and it feels as though I am taking a hundred steps but he is not taking one.
    Insha-Allah Imaan will become stronger.

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