Spill The Poetry: “The Eyes Of Men”

The eyes of men

Filled with anger

Filled with violence

Filled with tears

That they are not allowed to shed


The eyes of men

When his soul wants to cry

Voice trembling,

Eyes shaking,

Voice shouting

At women who don’t deserve anything, but love


The eyes of men

Can tear a woman down


Only see with fear


Use women

Abuse women


To save their name


To save their manhood


The eyes of men,

Always lurking

In spaces they are unwelcome

Always carrying around


Always given






The eyes of men,

Taught not to care

Taught emotion

Is for the weak

Is for the women


I’ve seen a man

Wanting to weep oceans

But instead

Remain silent


Because being dead

Is better than

Being like a woman

Anything is better than

Being a woman.

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