Work Out From Home

If you’re like me the gym is not your favorite place. If you’re tired of the treadmill and the elliptical, try these muscle building exercises! All you need is a mat and 3-8 lb weights.



Lunges/Walking Lunges

Calf Raises



Russian Twist




Hammer Curls

Push Ups 1 or 2

Tricep Dips



Shoulder Presses

Frontal Raise

Lateral Raise


Seated Rows (can also be done with weights instead of resistance band)

Lateral Pull Down (can also be done with weights)

Bent Over Rows

Push Ups 1 or 2

You can choose to do all of these for a full body workout or choose days to do each day. Add a little bit of cardio in this and you’re good to go! Pick one part of the body to work out and go from there or you can also try to combine days, do legs, chest/back, and abs one day and biceps/triceps, shoulders, and abs the other. To avoid getting hurt please remember that posture is very important when dealing with weights. Do not exhaust your muscles and do full body workouts every other day although you can do abs every day!

Click each workout to see how they’re done!


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