Reflections: Say Alhamdulillah

We all have that friend that only comes to us when they need something, right? You know, the type that only calls when they need a favor. We can be like that at times when it comes to our relationship with Allah (SWT). We go to Him only when we need something; to pass a test, get a job, or that promotion you’ve been hoping for. Often times we become so busy caught up in life that we neglect our prayers; especially when everything is going right in our lives. We feel as though we have some kind of control over how our life is going and forget that all of this is a blessing from Allah (SWT). But as soon as we hit a road block we remember Allah (SWT) and run to our prayers and make dua. As soon as something bad happens we go and give sadaqah (charity) as if this is something that we’re supposed to do only when things aren’t going right in our lives. Allah (SWT) does not only exist when you need something. He is there and has planned everything in your life from start to finish. The way that we sometimes forget about Him when we don’t need anything from life is disrespectful. Imagine if you had a friend that only came to you when they needed something from you and disappeared as soon as they got what they wanted. Instead of being that person, be the person that always says Alhamdulillah and remembers Allah (SWT).

We feel as though we have some kind of control over how our life is going and forget that all of this is a blessing from Allah (SWT).

Sometimes a person becomes so physically ill that doctors and family members choose to put that person on life support – a machine that actively keeps oxygen flowing throughout the body so that person can remain alive. However, if you really think about it, we all are on life support. Every breath we take is by the will of Allah (SWT) alone. He provides for us food and water to nourish our bodies. He provides for us the nighttime so that we may rest. Even when we sleep, He allows our bodies to shift in movement periodically so that our blood continues to flow and not clot. Each heartbeat we have is by His will and control as well. Allah (SWT) provides for everyone, even those who disbelieve.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) lived a life of immense hardship, pain, and suffering. However, one of his most well known qualities is that he was always smiling. How? He remembered Allah (SWT) throughout all of his troubles. He knew that Allah (SWT) is the Most Merciful, Most Kind and the Most Wise. He knew that no one and nothing else could provide him light like Allah (SWT)’s Light. He prayed to Him and Him alone, and when he prayed, he truly prayed with meaning and connection to Allah (SWT). Some may say that nowadays we have more worldly distractions that hinder our relationship with Allah (SWT), however that should never discourage or stop us from trying that much harder and taking any step to praise Him. Allah (SWT) is our lifeline, and he provides for us in ways that we can’t even fully wrap our minds around.

Remember to say Alhamdulillah for all the blessings in your life. Pray to Allah (SWT) when your life is going great and pray to Him in hardships. Remember that all of the blessings and hardships are from Allah (SWT) and we should not neglect our prayers, stop making dua or giving sadaqah in any situation.

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