Modesty Is For Both Genders

Sometimes I’ll come across something on social media and wonder why people make it their mission to shame women and girls for pretty much everything that they do. Islam is neither sexist nor misogynistic, but society is. We live in a society made to cater to men. They don’t understand our struggles as women. Over the years, due to the impact of culture and society sexism has become a problem within the Ummah.

You’re judged for not wearing a hijab, and for wearing a hijab, for choosing how to wear a hijab, for choosing to wear a certain style of clothing and even something like snapchat filters. This kind of judgment usually comes from guys who have no business talking about how women choose to dress. Most times it’s guys who have become bold on social media and will say things about women for petty likes or retweets.

Men often time forget that modesty or hijab (which literally translates to “covering”) is for them too. Their modesty is not as apparent as covering their heads but it is in their actions; the purification of their heart and a sense of shame. Men are obligated to lower their gaze and refrain from commenting on someone or something that has nothing to do with them.

Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and be modest. That is purer for them. Allah is aware of what they do.

[Quran, Chapter 24, Verse 30]

Speaking strictly from an Islamic point of view, not everything, in fact most things do not require your opinion; especially when it comes to someone’s relationship with Allah (SWT). As a Muslim you should always make excuses for your fellow Muslims. Videos that circulate around the internet are the reason that it has become such a norm to comment on and ridicule women for everything they do. It almost becomes second nature to these men and they always feel the need to comment on everything.

I guess judging women on what they choose to wear gives these men a false sense of piety and makes them think that they are somehow better Muslims because of it. It has become so commonplace to judge women, whether that is judgement passed by other women or by men; this scrutiny of women and others reveals insecurity within. It is really easy to point out what others are doing wrong, but it takes a lot to truly reflect on oneself. People need to redirect their energies to judge themselves and correct their inadequacies instead of passing judgement on others. They do not look at their shortcomings nor do they see fault in their actions.


Images like the one above are always circulating the internet as if it is a woman’s job to make sure that no one is looking at her. It says that we should not be a trial for men and have pity on them instead of teaching them that they are required to lower their gaze. As a man, is it not insulting to be treated like you cannot have modesty and lower your gaze? Shouldn’t you be the one proving that you can have modesty instead of backbiting and shaming your sisters in the Ummah?


Let me leave you with this image of a man staring at a girl who is covered head to toe and yet he is still staring at her. Maybe women aren’t the problem but it is your need to dictate how they must exist in this dunya.

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