Halal Restaurant Review: Fatima’s Halal Kitchen

Let’s be real – finding halal* restaurants that aren’t Desi or Arab is a real struggle if you don’t live in a predominantly Muslim nation. Even in the heart of New York City – one of the most diverse places in the world, it can be challenging to find good halal food that is actually trustworthy of being halal (cough, cough looking at all those food trucks that plaster the words “HALAL FOOD” on their carts because people somehow have been tricked into believing that ‘halal’ is the official name for shawarma.)

Usually, I just accept my fate that there aren’t a lot of options out there and I basically have to eat like a vegetarian if I go to any restaurant. However, sometimes I just crave comfort food. One of my go-to comfort foods is takeout Chinese food and I’m happy to announce that I have been blessed to have discovered the best halal Chinese takeout. Seriously, Alhamdulillah for the one and only, Fatima’s Halal Kitchen.

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Fatima’s Halal Kitchen (called ‘Fatima’s’ by locals) is a small whole-in-the-wall restaurant located in Astoria, Queens, NY. In recent years it’s gained a lot of popularity thanks to the internet, but mostly due to its phenomenal Muslim-friendly Chinese food. I have not tried all of the menu items (yet), but I can definitely vouch for this restaurant getting two huge thumbs up just based on the dishes I have tasted. Almost everyone is pretty familiar with Chinese takeout menus, so there aren’t any “special” dishes to recommend. Comfort food is comfort food, so don’t feel bad about eating whatever you want here, but if you do, Fatima’s even has a ‘Dieters Special’ section on their menu (they care). I will say the Lo Mein is something I daydream about pretty often…and the Sesame Chicken.

The prices are pretty great as well as most dishes are a few dollars cheaper than your average Chinese takeout joint. The only “bad thing” about Fatima’s is that it’s only located in New York. Petition for Fatima’s Halal Kitchen to become the halal P.F. Chang’s?

*Halal – Anything that is permissible by Islamic law. Halal Food pertains to meat that has been prepared Islamically (no animals have been harmed + the butcher must say an Islamic prayer over the animal).

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